Ofsted says about Ben Jonson: ‘This is a harmonious, welcoming and inclusive school.’ We couldn’t agree more!

Children with Special Education Needs

There are times when some children need additional support during their school life. Through our special needs programme, and with assistance from parents/carers, outside agencies and local special schools, we endeavour to identify promptly a child’s particular needs, so that individual programmes can be provided when appropriate.

Mission Statement

Pupils attain the highest levels of achievement, of which they are capable, by being offered a safe, inclusive, supportive and stimulating learning environment.  Irrespective of need, pupils are included in all aspects of school life and are encouraged to be independent and responsible citizens ready for the challenges of a changing future.

Pupils are aware of their own needs, whilst also being respectful and understanding of the needs of others around them. They encourage and support each other to succeed in their learning and to develop their confidence, self-esteem and future aspirations.

SEND Report

All Tower Hamlets schools are committed to adopting a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of all pupils including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

SEND report 2018-19

SEN Local Offer

Ben Jonson School is an inclusive school which is always striving to be better. It offers a range of provision to support children with various SEND including: communication and interaction needs, learning difficulties, social, mental and emotional health difficulties and physical needs.

BJ SEN Local Offer

Introduction to SEN Inclusion team

BJ SEND Policy

 Tower Hamlets Local Offer