We have had a great day at Ben Jonson showing our appreciation for all the hard work our TAs and Nursery Nurses dp… https://t.co/SSaTTKOYBM

2017-09-15 15:39:45 by BJ_Headteacher

A view to remember as we finish establishment phase at BJ and head in to curriculum learning. https://t.co/xrKv1rZp5u

2017-09-15 13:20:28 by BJ_DeputyHead

What do we think? https://t.co/weNcKn2NUG

2017-09-15 13:18:05 by BJ_DeputyHead

Happy National Teaching Assistant's Day. Thanks for all your hard work and support. # BenJonson https://t.co/YQLwURLaMK

2017-09-15 13:17:48 by BenJonsonSchool

Why not sooner! https://t.co/EK3c7f7zw5

2017-09-15 13:13:31 by BJ_DeputyHead

Great to work with staff from Phoenix. Keeping inclusion at the heart of what we do at BJ https://t.co/DHJS77q3p5

2017-09-15 13:12:42 by BJ_DeputyHead

#BenJonson #Phoenix https://t.co/rweEbYxN5l

2017-09-15 08:55:24 by BenJonsonSchool

We are really excited that Phoenix Satellite have joined us here at Ben Jonson! An amazing addition to our school :… https://t.co/crAjSKOWBJ

2017-09-15 08:48:44 by BJ_SEN7

Why not sooner? https://t.co/IoHIAyfA2T

2017-09-14 18:36:12 by BJ_DeputyHead

What an interesting idea! an extra day to review and plan learning would be aid all. Children could have a day of a… https://t.co/PztiCMMucU

2017-09-14 18:35:23 by BJ_DeputyHead

RT @tes: 'Ofsted does not grade individual lessons, and it would be great if all schools would stop doing it, as well' https://t.co/LkORSf3…

2017-09-11 18:57:52 by tes

RT @RealGeoffBarton: From the Teachers TV archive (when I had more hair): a video on how to establish yourself with an unfamiliar class: ht…

2017-09-10 23:25:02 by RealGeoffBarton

An interesting debate! Doesn't uniform just allow us to focus learning or should we allow self expression to drive… https://t.co/lOBniqXcwj

2017-09-10 23:23:47 by BJ_DeputyHead

Creating class charters and rules for learning an essential part of the start of the year. https://t.co/c3dOIABkQ6

2017-09-10 23:16:42 by BJ_DeputyHead

When we think about positive learning behaviour, how does this match with Ben Jonson's Big 8? It's good to talk! https://t.co/JJM0DY47fh

2017-09-10 23:15:13 by BJ_DeputyHead

RT @tes: 'There is no difference in the brains of seven-year-old boys and girls. The difference in attitudes and aptitudes must come from s…

2017-09-10 23:12:41 by tes

Secondary Transfer Meeting for Parents/Carers of children in @BJ_Year6 #BenJonson #Meeting https://t.co/SQqq7UvJRa

2017-09-07 15:20:10 by BenJonsonSchool

RT @EducEndowFoundn: Here's our chief exec Kevan Collins' comment on today's @TES story abt "schools rejecting mixed-ability classes" https…

2017-09-05 22:12:03 by EducEndowFoundn

Behaviour Management: A Bill Rogers Top 10 – teacherhead. Always good to revisit principles at the start of year. https://t.co/NTRnKsLEPN

2017-09-05 10:19:45 by BJ_DeputyHead

Great Lessons 8: Awe – teacherhead https://t.co/Qw7pkPjOgM

2017-09-05 10:15:47 by BJ_DeputyHead

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