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Every year group will be taught Design and Technology for a half a term twice a year.

For Autumn 2 term the timetable is as follows:






Year 4    ARABIAN



Year 1    JAVA


Reception   AZURE

Year 6     ATLANTIC


Year 3         ARCTIC

Year 5     AEGEAN



Year 2     ROSS

Projects this year are:


Project 1

Project 2

Year 1

Food Technology – preparing fruit and vegetables


Design, make and evaluate a tasty salad for you and your teddy bear to take on the teddy bear’s picnic

Structures – Free Standing Structures


Design, make and evaluate a new chair for baby bear to replace the chair Goldilocks broke

Year 2

Textiles – Templates and Joining


Design, make and evaluate a safety jacket for a Teddy bear so he can go out at night

Mechanisms – Wheels and Axles


Design, make and evaluate a push toy for you to race and see how far it travels

Year 3

Structures – Shell Structures


Design, make and evaluate a chocolate box packaging for a child’s birthday present

Food Technology – Healthy and varied diet


Design, make and evaluate a sandwich for a year 3 child’s healthy lunch


Year 4

Electrical Systems – Simple circuits and switches


Design, make and evaluate a torch a child can use at a sleepover

Textiles – 2D shape to 3D product


Design, make and evaluate a fabric bag for a chosen user

Year 5

Shelters – Frame Structure


Design, make and evaluate a shelter for a gerbil to sleep in

Food Technology – Celebrating culture and seasonality


Design, make and evaluate pizza for children to eat at a party

Year 6

Textiles – Combining different fabric shapes


Design, make and evaluate a wall hanging for the school library

Mechanisms – Pulleys and gears


Design, make and evaluate a controllable vehicle for year 6 children to race

Also visit our Specialist Teaching page for more information.

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