Mastery and greater depth at Ben Jonson


At Ben Jonson Primary School, our vision is for all children to acquire a profound understanding of key concepts and to have opportunities for even more profound learning. We acknowledge that all children are unique individuals with their own strengths, talents, and gifts, and we are dedicated to supporting all our students, recognizing that every pupil should be encouraged and challenged.

The mastery pedagogy operates on the principle that all learners, with diligence, will meet the expected standards. It is founded on the idea that excellent teaching, based on ongoing assessment, is crucial. Some learners may find themselves capable of delving even deeper into their thinking within a structured framework, thus encountering even greater challenges. Mastery learning represents a form of deep learning that endures and can be recollected over time.

This diagram serves to elucidate the notion of mastery and achieving greater depth within the national curriculum:



There is a misconception that for your child to be working at mastery or greater depth, that they are required to move onto working from content in the next year group. This is not the case. The following table outlines the characteristics of what to expect from a child working at mastery and greater depth in the National Curriculum.



Children at Ben Jonson are encouraged to recognise their pivotal role in their own learning. To support their educational journey, we exemplify a growth mindset and employ critical thinking skills. This approach empowers the students at our institution to excel in all facets of the curriculum, fostering positive learning attitudes and furnishing them with problem-solving strategies. Critical thinking not only prepares our students for the curriculum but also endows them with the capabilities needed to confront challenges and make informed, empowered decisions in their daily lives.

The adults at Ben Jonson employ critical thinking methodologies across all subjects. This fosters an exceptional learning environment that motivates children to embrace new challenges, collaborate with both adults and peers to deepen their learning, and understand the importance of hard work in achieving success. All of these elements complement the classroom resources that the students independently utilise on a daily basis.


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Greater depth offer

At Ben Jonson, we aim to foster a love of learning and want pupils to become active learners. We are continuing to work hard to develop our Greater Depth provision available to students. These opportunities vary from differentiation and additional activities within the classroom to external trips, clubs and Master Classes. We have a committed team of teachers involved in developing this provision.


Year 5 & 6 Maths club

Year 5 & 6 Debate club

Year 3 & 4 Maths club

Year 3 & 4 reading club

KS1 Match club

KS1 Domino club

Programming/coding club

Music band

Music choir

Art club

KS2 Story telling/Poetry club

Chess club