Leadership Management Team

Norma Marshall - Headteacher

Muslimah Khanom - Deputy Headteacher

Philip Donaldson - Business Manager

Asma Mushtaq - PA, HR and Communications Manager

Jakera Kamali - Assistant Headteacher

Emily Benstead - Assistant Headteacher

Alexandra Law - Head of Early Years and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DLS)

Mofsina Tahera - Assistant Headteacher

Raul Casas Oriza - Assistant Headteacher Inclusion


Hannah Reavell - Class Teacher

Sahra Handuleh - Teaching Assistant

Syeda Nessa - Teaching Assistant

Ayesha Syed - Early Years Educator

Rubena Begum - Early Years Educator

Shumina Begum - Early Years Educator


Kerry Slade - Class Teacher & History & Geography Leader

Anna O'Mahoney - Class Teacher

Bohuslava Akamessan - Class Teacher

Joanne Cook - Senior Early Years Educator

Shorifa Begum - Teaching Assistant

Shima Uddin - Nursery Nurse

Hushneara Chowdhury - Nursery Nurse

Jaheda Khanom - Nursery Nurse

Rohim Uddin - Teaching Assistant

Shahida Begum - Teaching Assistant

Rohibun Begum - Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Emma James - Class Teacher and Year Group Leader

Laurence Westwood - Class Teacher

Ashleigh Ansell - Class Teacher

Nurun Nessa - Teaching Assistant

Farhana Khanom - Teaching Assistant

Noorjahan Khatun - Teaching Assistant

Sumaiya Begum - Teaching Assistant

Shahnaz Begum - Teaching Assistant

Shnara Rahman - Teaching Assistant

Masuma Akhter - Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Meredith Dougherty - Class Teacher & Year Group Leader & Science Leader

Nilima Begum - Class Teacher

Mashudah Farzana - Class Teacher

Anisha Mustaque - Higher Level TA

Rashida Begum - Teaching Assistant

Jasmina Begum - Teaching Assistant

Marium Basit - Teaching Assistant

Remi Begum - Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Mofsina Tahera - Assistant Headteacher and Year Group Leader

David Lucas - Class Teacher

Anisa Islam - Class Teacher

Shazeda Hussain - HL Teaching Assistant

Mohammed - Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Jakera Kamali - Assistant Headteacher and Year Group Leader

Geoff McCave - Class Teacher

Afsana Khan - Class Teacher

Marian Adan - Teaching Assistant

Khaleda Khatun - Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Amy Byrne - Class Teacher and Year Group Leader

David McConway - Class Teacher

Zarrin Salam - Class Teacher

Alima Begum - SEMH Specialist Teaching Assistant

Yasmin Khanom - Teaching Assistant

Parvin Begum - Teaching Assistant

Humayra Hussain - Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Aaron Welch - Class Teacher and PE Leader and Year Group Leader

Gene Abdi - Class Teacher

Bipasha Tasnim - Class Teacher

Ruma Zaman - SEMH Specialist Teaching Assistant

Halima Sadia - HL Teaching Assistant

Le-verne Synphorien - HL Teaching Assistant

Elizabeth Harding - Teaching Assiatant

Shahena Gafur - Teaching Assistant

Specialist Team

George Tsiaousidis - Music Leader

Jenny Jones - Design & Technology Leader

Amy - Art Teacher

Nazma Rahman - Computing Teacher

Tahir - Technical Support & Digital and Social Media Officer

Inclusion Team

Raul Casas Oriza - Assistant Headteacher Inlcusion

Aurora Roelofs - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator

Shireena Begum - Speech & Language Specialist

Dee Dillon - Attendance and Family Support

Shara Noor - Learning Mentor

Rachel - Assistant SENDCo

Admin Team

Shafia Begum - Reception /Admin Officer

Xanthe Topping - Reception /Admin Officer

Amanda Edmeades - Finance Officer

R Bibi - Pupil Data Manager

Kobir Uddin - Human Resources Officer

Shahina Kochi - Reception and Admin Officer

Midday Supervisors

Parvez Chowdhury - Senior Midday Meals Supervisor

Noorjahan Khatun - Senior Midday Meals Supervisor

Nazera Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Joygun Bibi - Midday Meals Supervisor

Rajmina Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Syeda Ali - Midday Meals Supervisor

Amina Khanom - Midday Meals Supervisor

Muna Suleman - Midday Meals Supervisor

Falema Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Lotifa Khatun - Midday Meals Supervisor

Remi Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Teresa Lazans - Midday Meals Supervisor

Billie Hall - Midday Meals Supervisor

Shafia Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Shapla Bibi - Midday Meals Supervisor

Tahida Ali - Midday Meals Supervisor

Jamila Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Hajerah Khatun - Midday Meals Supervisor

Lutfa Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Roberta Russo - Midday Meals Supervisor

Lucky Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Ahlea Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Aysha Khatun - Midday Meals Supervisor

Minara Begum - Midday Meals Supervisor

Nilufa Yasmin - Midday Meals Supervisor

Parvin Bibi - Midday Meals Supervisor

Rezia Khatun - Midday Meals Supervisor

Premises Managers

Justin Alleyne - Premises Manager

Idris Baldeh - Permises Manager