With technology playing a significant role in today's ever-changing digital world, it is important that computing is embraced and children can access a rich, broad, and balanced computing curriculum. At Ben Jonson Primary School, we aim to ensure every child can enjoy and succeed in computing. Through our specialist computing teacher, we provide a high-quality computing curriculum that is creative and engaging, emphasising the real-life application of technology in ways relevant to our children.

From KS1 to KS2, children receive weekly computing sessions for half a term, twice a year. Our computing room is well equipped with the latest computer technologies such as laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and floor robots that enable us to develop children's computing skills that will be essential in later life.

Our ambitious curriculum is designed to develop digitally kind, brave and curious children with skills in computing that develop their real skills than can be transferable to the ever-evolving digital worlds and challenges of life.

Digital literacy is reinforced as often as possible so that our children are able to responsibly, safely and critically navigate, evaluate and create digital outcomes using a range of technologies.

We hope through our curriculum, our children learn to become actively involved in creating content with purpose, learn to question digital information and challenge themselves by providing a tool and space for them to positively express who they are and how they want their voice to be heard.

As a school we use Google Classroom as an online learning platform, which children can access from home so that they can continue practising and developing their computing skills, outside of school. More information about using Google Classroom can be found here.

As part of our e-safety learning, we participate in online safety events including Safer Internet Day. Through this, our children and parents have been introduced to information about how to stay safe online. We also encourage children to explore Google’s Interland game to learn more about this.

What will our computer scientists be able to do when they leave us?

By the time our children leave Ben Jonson Primary School, we aim for our computer scientists to be responsible, confident and creative users of technology who are able to apply their computational thinking beyond the computing curriculum. They will be digitally literate and able to actively participate in a digital world. They will know how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. They will be able to recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour as well as know a range of ways to report concerns about content. Our children will have had repeated practical experiences of using computer programs in order to confidently use and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology. They will have the ability to ask and answer questions through collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information. Our children will have a clear understanding of how digital networks work and the services they provide. This will enable them to use search options effectively whilst understanding the need to evaluate the relevance of content. The children will be respectful, responsible and competent digital citizens; they will have the knowledge to support themselves and others online.

  Useful Information

We are using Google Classroom for online homework and support.

Please log in to your Google Classroom regularly to complete online homework and receive additional support.

Visit Interland to learn important lessons about internet safety:

Be Internet Legends

You can visit Interland here:

Parents might also be interested in the E-safety at home page.
Parent/Carer guide to social networking

Any queries about Google Classroom please email

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