By the time our children leave Ben Jonson Primary School, we aim that these budding young designers be equipped with the confidence and capability to innovate and create the products of tomorrow. They will be given frequent opportunities to develop their creativity, their design skills and their imagination by making real world and relevant products. Using a wide range of tools, materials and techniques, they will hone their practical skills building high quality, useful and usable products, either for themselves or others.  

DT Project Overview

DT - Termly Overviews

Project 1 Project 2
Year One Caterpillar Kebabs Year One Fridge Magnets
Year Two Vehicles Year Two Puppets
Year Three Stone and Iron Age Forts Year Three Sandwiches
Year Four Torches Year Four Tote Bags 
Year Five Moving Pictures Year Five WW2 Ration Bread
Year Six Fabric Bookmark Year Six Dragon Cars

DT Skills Progression Map