Ofsted says about Ben Jonson: ‘This is a harmonious, welcoming and inclusive school.’ We couldn’t agree more!

Term dates and events:


Ben Jonson Primary school term dates 2019-20

We have updated the calendar because school will be closed for pupils on Thursday 12 December 2019 for INSET day and because school will be used as a polling station. 

For the term dates for 2019 and 2020 – use the link below for a pdf document available for download and print:

Term dates 2019-2020


Here are dates for parent/carer events, please use the link below for a pdf document available for download and print:

  Parent and carers event dates for autumn 2019



Ben Jonson school dates will be published once they have been confirmed and they may differ from the local authority website.


Queries for Parents

If you have any questions regarding our school please contact Dee Dillon, our Attendance and Family Welfare Officer.